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Terms Of Use And Service

Immigration Pioneer, the online Travel Portal offers least expensive International & Domestic Airline Tickets. Our net services provide on-line convenience from Airline Reservation Systems. The Fares shown are dynamic and are the most affordable offered fares. The Fares could modify dynamically at the time of Ticketing, reckoning on the booking category and convenience, unexpectedly. Immigration Pioneer could be a helper on behalf of the Airlines for Airlines reservations & Ticketing, The users build bookings on the web site, and per our Terms of Services given below:

1. Flight Bookings

  • Passenger names shouldbe same as on the Passport - picID.
  • For long names, givesolely1st, Middle (no initials)
  • Travel might notbe allowable, with incorrect name, &ticket have to be compelled tobe re-booked with charges.
  • For kidor babydiscount, should enter date of birth (DOB).
  • Provide passengers correct MOB No. & E-mail to receive E-ticket, SMS, & flight changes.
  • Customer shouldcheck Names, flight details, departure & arrival times at the finalizing/payment the booking.
  • Once Tickets areissued, Airlines cancellation, refund or anything related to the same our applicable fees apply

    2. Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Passengers aresuggestedto undertake their own Travel & Medical Insurance.
  • The Company won'tbe answerable forany loss or harm to the Passengers, Baggage or for the other direct or indirect loss.
  • Airlines Fares are dynamic and willmodification, at the time of Ticketing, reckoning onthe booking category convenience and also the Fare distinction as applicable can apply.
  1. On-linePayments

  • Online Payment choices, givedetails of Credit – Debit Cards by Master, VISA, AMEX, RuPay, UPI, on-linewebn banking or Wallets. All transactions are Secured.

  • Airline fares areshown in multiple Currencies, and howeverpaid in Indian Rupees.
  • Customers areanswerable as well as responsible forexchange rates and Bank changes.
  1. Passport & VISA

  • Passport shouldbe valid 06 months on the date of departure.
  • Customers areaccountableto possess VISA’s for Transit & Destination countries.
  • As, all flight bookings aredone at the discretion of the flights, Immigration Pioneer can't becommand answerable for off-loading or denial of surpass the Airline or Immigration, no matter any irregulatories overlook by the passengers.
  • As International Tickets arebeing engagedon-line, Immigration Pioneer has no means that to establish your Visa necessities.
  • Passenger shouldconsult the VISA demandfor all transit & destination countries, before booking International Tickets.
  • Immigration Pioneer aren'taccountable, if Airlines or Immigration deny Travel.
    Passengers shouldcarry written e-ticket with Passport – picture ID to Travel
  1. Amendments of Flight Booking

  • To amend, cancel, re-book or buildany changes on the engagedprice ticket, client request should be sent request for modification solely from the registered e-mail id.
  • In case of “No-Show” on Domestic or International flights, Airlines & Immigration Pioneer, Service Fees canapply.
    Convenience fees purchasedbookings ar Non-Refundable.
  • The Refund quantitycansolely be refunded to the Debit or mastercard and or the checking account or supply of payment, from that the price ticket was paid.
  • For any amendments/cancellations/Name correction, Refunds or for any changes, the Airlines distinctionof fare, if any, and Airline fees’s canapply. just in case the new applicable fare is under the first ticketed fare, the distinction, if any, can't be refunded. additionally, our rebooking charges apply.
    ●claims, shopper redressed are subject to Jurisdiction solely.
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